Deliverance from Homosexuality

In light of the most recent declarations of moral failures in the leadership of some mega churches, it is time for those ministries who claim to be houses of inner Healing and Restoration to step forward. We are one of those ministries, who believe that there is total deliverance from this condition. We do not shoot the Christian wounded. We are confidential and have ministered to several who have had a problem with sexual perversion and homosexuality.

The reasons for this condition are so varied that it might seem hopeless. You may have even sought help for this affliction that has driven you since an early age, but God’s promise for healing and deliverance is faithful and true.

We invite those of you who are looking for a way out of this lifestyle to come and allow us to minister to you. Homosexuality, like any addiction, is a symptom that has become the problem. There is a bitter root that has driven you to this lifestyle, and by the leading of the Holy Spirit there is healing. There is no condemnation in Jesus Christ. We do not hate the person, we simply hate the sin.

There may be more than one cause for this condition. I will list several that we have seen over the past 21 years.

  • The first thing we look at is a generational curse passed down to the third and the fourth generation. If the propensity for alcohol and drug addiction can be passed down through DNA, other addictions can be passed down as well.
  • We have found that in some cases when there was an abortion or miscarriage of the opposite sex before you were born, there might have been a deep desire of the parents to replace the sex that was lost and your spirit experiencing this desire from your parents even while you were still in the womb, wanted to give them what they so badly needed, and became sexually confused, even before your brain was formed. Job 32:8 God breathes our spirit into us with understanding. Even before our brain is formed we experience the profound emotions and feeling of our parents.
  • If one of our parents has a profound desire for one sex over the other, this desire will be transmitted into the spirit of the unborn child creating within that child’s spirit a striving to be what the parent is looking for and sexual confusion can occur. i.e., tomboy in a girl, effeminate behavior in a boy.
  • Through immoral and perverse sexual acts of the parents, i.e., rape, profound sexual immorality, abuse, prostitution, pain etc. can provide an environment for sexual confusion.
  • Same sex molestation at a very young age (even before we are cognitive of our surroundings) can cause sexual confusion.
  • As we reach puberty if we have same sex sexual encounters, this can also be a contributing factor.
  • Fear of rejection by the opposite sex can influence our direction and decisions concerning sexuality.
  • Feelings of abandonment, rejection, rebellion, defiance, rage , hate, and deep self-hate can open the door to this oppression, depression and demonic infiltration and control.

The bottom line is that this lifestyle ultimately is a choice. We may have an addictive personality, but it is when we give into that addiction that it controls our lives.

We offer a safe place for Inner Healing and Deliverance. Feel free to contact us today.

Other organizations that are involved in deliverance from this lifestyle include: Exodus International (with chapters in many countries); Desert Stream Ministries, led by Andy Comiskey; Christian Healing Ministries, founded by Francis and Judith MacNutt; Mastering Life Ministries, led by David Kyle Foster; Witness for the World, led by Darryl Foster; John Sanford’s Elijah House; or Peter Horrobin’s Ellel Ministries


Pastor Jack Valentino

Posted in: Pastor's Corner