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Having Trouble Viewing the Video?

The Internet can be a pretty dangerous place with hackers and other seedy characters doing their best to steal information and sow chaos. In an attempt to stay ahead of the trouble makers, more and more web browser makers are restricting or blocking content that can be exploited and compromised. Streaming video can be vulnerable, especially content from smaller providers. The browser makers just don’t have the resources to keep track of every content provider and whether or not they are safe, so they have opted for a heavy-handed “just block it” approach. The good news is that most web browser allow users to override this setting.

If you are using Windows 10, below are instructions for how to enable video streaming in some of the most popular browsers. If you don’t see your favorite browser listed let us know and we’ll do our best to find and post instructions for that browser too.


Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right hand corner to open the menu, and select “Settings”. At the bottom of the settings page, click on “Show advanced settings”. That will reveal some more options, one of which is a “Privacy” section. In that section, click on “Content settings”. Scroll down to the “Flash” section and click “Manage exceptions”. Enter the following in the text input box at the bottom:


Make sure the drop-down option to the right is set to “Allow”, and click “Done”. Click “Done” again, then close the settings tab. If you reload the page with an embedded video stream, it should now play.


On the top right-corner of Firefox, click the three-bar icon and select Add-ons. On the left side click Plugins. In the listing find the row for Shockwave Flash and in the dropdown box of that row select Always Activate. Close Firefox and re-open it and our video should now play.


On the top right corner, click the three-dot icon and select Settings. Scroll down and click View Advanced Settings. Make sure the option for Use Adobe Flash Player is ticked to On. Close and re-open Edge and the video should now play.

For more detailed instructions please visit this page on the Driver Easy website. If all of this seems too complicated, you may also have luck just using a different browser or device.