Our Services

Sunday Discipleship

Sunday Discipleship classes are held from 10-10:45am. Pastor Jerry Potts brings a word of revelation in a small group forum in the outside trailer. Revelation has been the recent topic of study including the rapture, second coming, and the tribulation.

Sunday Service – Praise & Worship in Spirit & Truth

Praise and Worship begins on Sundays at 11am and is followed by a sermon (by Pastor Jack Valentino and once month by Pastor Jerry Potts) or a guest speaker. We look forward to seeing you there! Children’s Church is available following Praise and Worship and is taught by Kathy Watson. If you would like to be involved in this ministry, please contact Kathy at 770-653-8210.

Wednesday Night Prayer

Every Wednesday night at 7pm the sanctuary is opened for all to come together and join as one in prayer and intercession. If you have a specific prayer request, there is a box located in the back of the church with cards available to submit your prayer request. For those who gather weekly this is not taken lightly as they come before the throne room and petition your requests.

Friday Night Fire

Every Friday night at 7:30pm Friday Night Fire Service has an open agenda. There is no schedule to keep as we invite the Holy Spirit to have His way among us. Judah goes first, ushering in with an open invitation to all willing to follow. The events of the week and even that day are set aside, our worries and concerns are laid down on the altar and emptying ourselves of our own thoughts and agenda – we come before The King of all Kings to lift His name in praise and worshipping at His feet because of who He is and all that He represents. Followed as the Holy Spirit leads is a word of Truth or Revelation. Come join us as we yearn and hunger to draw nearer to our Heavenly Father.