Our Ministries

Sword of the Spirit Ministry for Healing & Deliverance

Etched in each person’s heart, hidden within our personalities and locked up behind walls of perseverance of life’s experiences are the responses we made and built our personalities upon. Sexual, physical and mental Abuse, absent parents, unforgiveness, and even physical disorders were not in God’s plan for your life but they still exist and God has the answer to it’s affect in your life.

Whether young or old, we all have these emotions and patterns that make up who we’ve become. Even as Christians, they are like areas bound in a tie-dye shirt; they become hidden within the knots that must be untied to expose unforgiveness so it may be saturated with the precious Blood of Jesus Christ. Sword of the Spirit Healing Ministries approaches these reactions and patterns to find their root source, so that they can be broken off of our lives and all can be free to be who God has created us to be.

Man was not meant to carry fear, shame, guilt, unforgiveness, anger and pain- all the emotions that eventually can lead us deeper into wounds of depression, illness and despair…even physical or spiritual death. The Bible says that. “He whom the Son of God sets free is Free Indeed!”‘ And it is the desire and heart of Pastor Jack and Sharon Valentino along with their team to offer a door to a new beginning. Through teaching, prayer, and daily truth and ministry, Sword of the Spirit Healing Ministries being led by the Holy Spirit can equip you to be free of the past and it’s affect on you once and for all! To give you the ability to step into a new life and future through Jesus Christ our Lord!

School of Ministry

The Sword of the Spirit School of Healing and Deliverance will not be in session for 2016-17.

We so appreciate your interest in the Sword of the Spirit Healing Ministry School of Prayer and Deliverance! We are looking forward to a wonderful year of learning, teaching and anointing. We ask that you fervently pray about this commitment that you are considering. This will be a 37 week course one night per week from 7pm to 9pm and begins in September. This will be like no other school you have attended. We start with praise and worship since this will be the only thing that God will receive during the evening. This is truly a Holy Spirit driven school and I go when He says go and not until. Some nights the school will seem more like church, because of the praise and worship and the powerful anointing that comes forth from time to time as the Holy Spirit leads.

You will not be attending a 2-hour weekly lecture, we encourage input and we give those who will, an opportunity to speak out with praise reports, testimonies and even in disagreement. From time to time there will be heated opposition over differing viewpoints, yet order is maintained and we have found that out of controlled chaos comes balance. We will set aside one Saturday toward the end of the school year to teach four classes. This will ensure a May graduation. There will be a notice given two months before this class is set.

The cost of the school is $395.00 for individuals and $500.00 for married couples. For those who live out of state and are taking our course through correspondence the cost will be $450.00. Half is due at registration and the other half in January. We will meet in the sanctuary of His House Church International at 3134 Macland Rd in Marietta, GA. The price for the course will be non-refundable so please make sure that this is what God has called you to do. If for any reason you miss 10 classes during the school year, you will not be able to graduate. There are no tests or homework other than the required reading for the year. Those who have successfully completed the 37-week course will be given a certificate from Sword of the Spirit Healing Ministries, Inc. School of Prayer and Deliverance proclaiming your ordination as a “Prayer Deliverance Minister”. This will take place at a graduation ceremony time and place to be determined at the close of the school year.

We look forward to seeing you at registration! All students are required to attend a personal session of Inner Healing and Deliverance prior to attending this class.

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Community Outreach

Cartersville Outreach

This outreach will be every Wednesday through the summer and allow an opportunity to serve children and families living in Cartersville Gardens. The government provides meals for the children during the summer and we have committed to serving each Wednesday from 11-1. Just bring yourself, your love for Jesus, your flexibility and passion to serve!

Messianic Ministry


His House Church International is a Spirit-filled healing praise, worship and teaching Church. His House Church International is led by Pastors Jack and Sharon Valentino. They are joined by Messianic Rabbi Jay Fielding of Beth Chaim Messianic Congregation Network Ministries. His House International has a magnificent live worship team led by Silas Boyd. Pastor Jack Valentino was brought to the Lord many years ago through a Messianic Jewish Believer.

We are a Christian Church who honors our Jewish foundation in a Jewish Messiah! We worship within a modern and scriptural Hebraic context. We have our primary worship on Erev Shabbat, Friday evening, and on Sunday, the Lord’s Day. We practice both the Old Covenant Feasts and Holidays within their Messianic context and New Covenant Holidays within their Messianic context. We share communion at many services and on every Erev Shabbat add the traditional Baruchas or Blessings over the Bread and Wine. We start our Erev Shabbat services with the beautiful Sabbath Candle Lighting prayer and the sound of the Shofar blast.

Join us for God’s Appointed Times, Messianic Biblical Holidays and Special Modern Day Remembrances such as Israel Independence Day and Yom Ha-Shoah, Holocaust Memorial Day. Please see our calendar of dates of services.

We have been moved by the Holy Spirit to love Israel, the unsaved House of Israel, and our Hebraic roots, without giving up the grace, diversity, and beauty of our Church body. We serve the Church body as a light to restore the Hebraic roots of our Messiah. We use Jesus and His Hebrew name, Yeshua, (Yahweh Salvation) interchangeably. We use Messiah and Christ interchangeably.

We teach the whole Bible, (Genesis to Revelation) as the Living, Inherent Word of God. We Believe salvation only comes through personal repentance and acceptance of Yeshua into our hearts as our Passover Lamb. Yeshua, Jesus is the perfect and only blood sacrifice needed to wash us of our sins permanently. We believe in Baptism as an outward sign of our Born Again experience. We continue to learn and follow the Old Covenant and New Covenant commandments not to become righteous, but rather to practice living in submission to the Holy Spirit in our process of sanctification. All the Law and all the Prophets teach us how to Love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, and mind, and to love our neighbor as ourselves.

As a mission to the unsaved Jewish people, the House of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, we remain Christian. We Believe Christianity is the prophesized extension of Judaism to its fullness in a Jewish Messiah. Yeshua HaMashiac came so that all humanity, the world, can be grafted into the Blessings of Abraham by faith. Gentile Believers should not convert to ethnic Judaism; rather, Paul called his ministry to the Gentiles to be a guiding light of love in a Jewish Messiah to his people the House of Israel.

We discourage Jewish legalism in our congregation, but encourage following Torah as a means of personal worship as each individual and family is guided by the Holy Spirit. We encourage Holiness through the submission to the Holy Spirit that leads to righteousness by faith and love for God, ourselves, and others. We keep Shabbat and God’s Appointed Feasts and Holidays as a blessing to remind us of God has done, is doing, and will do for us in Messiah, rather than as ethnic Jewish Holidays. As an example, Paul encourages the Church to keep the Feast of Passover in the spirit of truth and not by the old malice of righteousness by keeping the law.

We also encourage our Church body to teach and embrace a love for physical Israel. In fact, God prophesized the rebirth of the modern state of Israel as an end time blessing and sign. The promise of the physical land of Israel to Abraham and his descendants is a type or shadow for the spiritual promise of eternal life for Believers grafted into Abraham’s Blessings. One way we learn we can trust God to fulfill his promises to Believers is by His faithfulness to the House of Israel. Yeshua continues to work through both the Nation of Israel, as well as the Church to bring salvation to the world. Paul said God’s covenants to his people are irrevocable.