A Lifetime!

You would think after 36 years of marriage one would have it figured out. It is still a work in progress! It is a union between strangers who become one in God’s sight at the altar wondering what that is supposed to look like in the real world…

Then it begins every distraction the world has to offer is thrown your way, pride, pain, frustration, confusion, financial difficulties, emotional attachments, fear, failure, insanity and futility…

Through it all if you don’t lose sight of the fact that it was the Lord who brought you together for the purpose growing YOU to serve HIM, and if you are willing to allow your flesh to die daily, then slowly but surely you will not only grow closer to God, you will also grow closer to one another.

You become a mate, a partner, a friend and a joy! You through a miracle of God become selfless, available, and a person that your mate will hate to see leave in the morning and look forward to see returning home in the evening.

You become a soft place to land. You will have become someone who can be still and listen, without trying to fix it or judge it!

You will have become one who is able to say ouch when hurt, without being aggressive. You will have become someone who will allow your mate to have an opinion, which differs from your own.

In other words, there will be more of God showing through, and less of you!

Slow to anger.
Quick to forgive.
Quick to love.

When you have had a few close encounters with death along the way, priorities become a little clearer and more easily defined.

Less of me Lord Jesus and way more of You!

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